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Published: 21st December 2010
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All you ever wanted to know Pva's - A Must Read for craigslist phone verified accounts pva

In this short guide, I show you all there is about craigslist pva's and craigslist phone verified accounts.

What is so great about craigslist?

Craigslist is the world's largest visited classifed ads website. Having your
ads on craigslist will help you get to potential customers and it will exponentially increase
up your invoices and your total income. However, advertising on craigslist can be a
pain in the but if you want to post more than one advertisement a day. This is why we you need craigslist pvas.

Which sections on Craigslist require PVA?

All sections on craigslist require phone verified accounts or pva's to market It is incorrect that the Services area is the only area that you will need a pva before you can post, but any section may require a verified account if you are flagged by Craigslist. How does one become flagged? If you are posting multiple ads on Craigslist and aren't
covering your tracks there is a almost inevitable chance that Craigslist will at last find your activity down to your ads and remove it from craigslist. What does this mean?any section on Craigslist. By any section I do mean any section, not just the Services section. If you want to avoid getting flagged so you
don't have to use or can avoid using phone verified accounts, make sure you do everything possible to cover your activity on Craigslist.

What can be wrong with Getting pva or Phone Verified Accounts?

There are several reasons why investing on Phone Verified Accounts is not a goodidea.

Firstly, there are a lot of people who claim to have pva's for sell and they are just scammers. They take your hard earned money and run and give
you the run around about where the pva's you purchased are
and they do this until they are foundthen they make another website and do it all
over again. This occurs more often than you would think.

Secondly, a lot of sellers who sell pva's sell the same accounts they sold to you, to other people. They do this because they know
you are too busy to look in your account log to see or check to see if someone other than you else is posting on your pva .

Thirdly, many sellers sell phone verified account.'s for one nasty reason, they want to steal your way of getting money. The merchants of the p.v.a.'s always
have the password to the account so they can just pop in to your account to see what you are posting and how frequently. If you are
posting an ad over and over again, chances are that it works, and they will steal your idea and make money with it.

Fourth, p.v.a. merchants can sell you pvas that they already will change the login to after a week and claim and resell those
accounts to someone else.


The best Solution is to make your own craigslist pva. It is very easy and is done in just 10 seconds.
In ending, there are a lot of reason why you should not from buying pva's. The best thing you can do is to
buy phone numbers from because you will be in total control of the account creation process and know that there is no
way any of the previous things can occur to you.

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